CARD ISSUING BANKS PLEASE READ! Many of you are in violation of Federal Regulations E and Z!

We need to find a Lobbyist(s) to force the card issuing associations to change their antiquated chargeback regulations and procedures. Either that or a Class Action Suit needs to be filed on the behalf of merchants. As you know in the last few years some card issuing banks have begun rejecting legitimate chargeback replies even though merchants are filling the replies out in great detail proving the original charge is legitimate and the chargeback complaint should be removed and decided in favor of the merchant. It has gotten so bad that on some of the chargebacks a 5 year old child could see that the cardholder is simply trying to steal merchandise and/or services from the merchant. I have verified that many banks especially larger ones are understaffed and aren’t even reading the chargeback replies filed by merchants. They just “click and return” for prearbitration. Prearbitration is of course a “kangaroo court!”
Since MC/Visa/Discover/Amex remain sitting on their hands about this growing problem it’s time for us to fight back any way we can!Starting immediately I am advising all merchants to put the below wording in your replies to chargebacks. I wouldn’t put it in a retrieval request as that is usually a sign that the card issuer is honest and any decent reply from the merchant will satisfy the inquiry. Put it right at the top of your reply-don’t be shy. And don’t worry about being “nice!” The card issuers aren’t being nice to you so until we can get the government to force MC/Visa/Discover/Amex to rewrite their unfair antiquated chargeback policies and procedures let’s do everything we can.
Wording to insert in Chargeback reply

By reviewing the following information in my reply you can see that this is a frivolous chargeback and if allowed to be continued by you is an obvious violation of Federal Regulations E and Z!
Card issuing banks are not allowed to encourage and condone”friendly fraud”. Your cardholder received our merchandise in a timely manner, used it and is now trying to do a chargeback basically committing felony theft on us the merchant. If this chargeback is not dismissed by you it will be immediately reported mentioning your bank to the proper authorities including The Federal Reserve and Attorney General in your state.Please find relevant links below to this matter.

TSYS chargeback guidelines 

Report banks for frivolous chargebacks which is a violation of Federal Regulation E and Z

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