Lake County Forest Preserve Raping Forests!

What can be done about the destruction of forests being perpetrated by the Lake County Forest Preserve? On the west side of The Fox River in Grassy Lake Forest Preserve there were beautiful strands of trees which are being destroyed with the usual mumbo jumbo about making them “better” I guess better means cutting down almost every healthy tree in site destroying habitats and shelter for cranes, egrets and other animals. Here is what the East bank of the Fox used to look like. The debacle was supposed to finally stop last week but the “destroyer” crane was back at it today. There are promises of planting seedlings “someday” and a hilarious statement in a letter sent out to nearby residents that they will be planting oak tree seedlings which “grow fast.” “Grow fast” What planet does the LCFP live on? Shameful. Also they are using our tax dollars for the destruction of forests. Things like this needed to be presented in a public forum for property owners and taxpayers. The Forest Preserve can’t just be given a “blank check” to spend money on “keep busy” projects. Ironically this area is labeled as a conservation area. A lawsuit must be initiated against LCFP for damages.before destruction of treesafter destruction of trees